8 +1 316.943.6100 | turbinerotables.com PRODUCT LINE | LANDING GEAR AeTR understands the urgency associated with returning aircraft to service, and we recognize that even when requirements are associated with scheduled maintenance, timely delivery of high quality components is the only acceptable solution. AeTR has a robust portfolio of capabilities and cost effective solutions to support landing gear system requirements. • FAA Certified to overhaul landing gear systems and related components for more than 30 years • Capabilities include mechanical, electromechanical, and hydraulic components • Historically, has provided overhaul services for more than 51,000 articles • Annually provides MRO services for more than 1,200 landing gear assemblies and associated system components AeTR has committed significant investment to solutions which increase MRO velocity and customer options. • Pool Stock programs bring options and high velocity solutions to the MRO cycle • Exchange component inventory brings immediate solutions to urgent requirements • Embedded engineering support enables rapid development of tooling, specialized repairs, and replacement parts AeTR has an unwavering focus on high quality customer solutions. • MRO cycle velocity • Improvement in product reliability • Development of solutions which provide customers with expanding options • Reduction in customer cost of operations/total cost of ownership LANDING GEAR AeTR has an uwavering focus on high quality customer solutions.