8 AEROSPACE TURBINE ROTABLES, INC. Landing Gear AeTR understands the urgency associated with returning aircraft to service. We recognize that even when requirements are associated with scheduled maintenance, timely delivery of high quality components is the only acceptable solution. AeTR has a robust portfolio of capabilities and cost effective solutions to support landing gear system requirements. • FAA Certified to overhaul landing gear systems and related components for more than 30 years • Capabilities include mechanical, electromechanical, and hydraulic components • Has a history of providing overhaul services for more than 51,000 articles • Annually provides MRO services for more than 1,200 landing gear assemblies and associated system components When an operator turns to AEROSPACE TURBINE ROTABLES, INC. for their landing gear maintenance, they not only save on the cost of the landing gear component, but avail themselves of an exponentially larger number of competent airframe MRO facilities — saving money, time and convenience.