34 CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION This Certificate bears witness that Great Western Registrar LLC (An ANAB-accredited CB) has assessed the management system of: AEROSPACE TURBINE ROTABLES 1919 E. NORTHERN WICHITA, KS 67216 In accordance with the requirements of AS9104/1-2012, Great Western Registrar is accredited under the Aerospace Management Program and declares that the management system of the above named organization is in conformance with: ISO 9001:2008/AS9110B This registration covers the scope of supply listed below: DESIGN, MANUFACTURE, TESTING, SERVICE, REPAIR, OVERHAUL AND ALTERATION OF AEROSPACE COMPONENTS AND SUB-ASSEMBLIES The products, services and/or processes named above shall only be offered from the above address. The above named organization is subject to procedures that govern the registration for which they are certified. For Great Western Registrar, LLC Title: President 21835 N. 23rd Ave. Phoenix, AZ. 85027 Cert. # 0714-300-1-A Issue date: 07/21/2017 Reissue Date: Expiry date: 09/15/2018 03/31/2017 AS9110B CERTIFICATION AIR AGENCY CERTIFICATE EASA CERTIFICATE OXYGEN REQUALIFICATION CERTIFICATE AEROSPACE TURBINE ROTABLES, INC. | CERTIFICATIONS