31 +1 316.943.6100 | turbinerotables.com PRODUCT LINE | SPECIALIZED SERVICES SPECIALIZED SERVICES Pressure cylinder requalification is performed under the authority of a DOT certificate issued by the PHMSA division and governed under 49CFR. Our DOT certificate enables us to test and requalify pressure cylinders used on aviation products. This process is commonly referred to as Hydrostatic Testing. AeTR has invested in a significant amount of specialized equipment to perform cylinder requalification. We have duplicity in every machine required in the process to ensure that we do not experience work stoppage due to equipment failure. Our Hydro Shop assets include multiple devices for each of the following: test jackets, test stands, cylinder dryers, cylinder vices, and the associated material handling equipment. DOT CYLINDER REQUALIFIER AeTR has added Thermal Arc Spray to our in-house specialized services. Thermal Arc Spray is an excellent fit to our MRO operational requirements. Arc spray technology provides many important advantages that we rank high: Arc spray enables us to apply a variety of alloy coatings to wear surfaces resulting in additional protection from wear generated by friction, abrasion, and erosion. Arc spray coatings also provide additional resistance to corrosion, heat, and oxidization. Arc spray technology does not alter the metallurgic properties of the substrate to which it is applied and it provides impressive one step bonding characteristics. This technology also provides controlled density and oxide dispersion, resulting in minimum coating shrinkage in application. Arc Spray technology, coupled with our MRO and engineering expertise, will lead to the development of a significant number of repairs which will benefit our customers. THERMAL / ARC SPRAY