30 AEROSPACE TURBINE ROTABLES, INC. Specialized Services In the MRO environment, robust NDI capabilities are critical to the longevity of our products. AeTR performs Magnetic Particle Inspection (ASTME 1444), Liquid Penetrant Inspection (ASTME 1417), and Eddycurrent inspection in-house. We have more than 15 employees qualified to standard AC65-31A for non-destructive inspection. In addition to our in-house capabilities, we are fortunate to have robust relationships with a host of NDI service providers located in the Wichita area. NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING After undergoing NDI, all metal parts receive the necessary and appropriate treatments and topcoats. Many metal treatment processes such as chrome and cad plating, chemfilm, anodize, and alodyne are performed by specialized sub contractors who are located in the Wichita area. Our incoming quality inspection ensures that all parts plated by sub contractors meet the return to service specifications in dimension and finish. AeTR performs all priming and paint in-house and ensures the final finish meets even the most demanding quality standards prior to release to service. TREATMENTS & TOPCOATS AeTR manufactures most of its specialized tooling and test equipment. From drawings to finished product, our engineering and manufacturing resources work together to ensure that tooling meets the required specifications and designs it to provide precision performance and optimum service life. TOOLING Hawker 400A Gland Nut Removal Tool Landing Gear Test Stand Maxaret Test Stand Oxygen Regulator Test Dome