To our current and prospective business partners, It is my distinct pleasure to share an overview of our company with you. Undoubtedly, an interesting cross-section of industry professionals will view this brochure. My hope is that each of you will close the last page with an expanded understanding of who we are and what we do. Aerospace Turbine Rotables is blessed with a wonderful history and an exciting future. For more than 40 years, the people of this company have dedicated their efforts to providing our customers with products and services of exceptional quality. AeTR recognizes that the people, the processes, and the standards of an organization are key to the quality of the MRO cycle. AeTR embodies the resources, values, and attributes of our organization into every transaction we process. We understand the key performance indicators are: managing each article in accordance with quoted schedule and price, ensuring every work task is performed with the proper discipline and diligence, and communicating effectively with our customers. Our goal is to simplify the choice of MRO partner by providing our customers with “Excellence of Products and Excellence of Service” consistently, for an ever expanding range of products. Our historic core competencies have evolved into robust component overhaul programs and solutions which serve aircraft world-wide in civil, commercial, military, and special mission roles. As we develop and deploy an ever expanding range of products and services, we do so while ensuring that the attributes which are synonymous with AeTR are embodied into every product we deliver. AeTR has recently launched new products which include: structural repairs for composite and sheet metal components, (metal bond repairs and advanced composite repairs), expansion in the range of our hydraulic services, additional landing gear strut overhaul programs, and addition of arc spray repairs to our specialized services portfolio. Each of these program extensions were accomplished with an unwavering commitment to consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations. As a proud member of the First Aviation Services family of companies, AeTR is complemented by our sister companies Piedmont Propulsion Systems, LLC and Evo -lution Aerospace, Inc. which enjoy their own rich legacy, an exciting future, and the same unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Our parent company, First Aviation Services, is committed to investing in the future of its companies, and enabling the development of solutions which bring positive impact to this incredible industry. This brochure will introduce you to the companies of First Aviation Services, and the products/services we provide to the aerospace industry. Thank you for allowing me to introduce this dynamic team, and their impressive products to you. Please read on… Dave Seavey Vice President & General Manager, Aerospace Turbine Rotables, Inc. +1 316.943.6100 | LETTER FROM OUR GENERAL MANAGER