26 AEROSPACE TURBINE ROTABLES, INC. Stratoflex Hoses AeTR is one of a small number of companies who operate a Stratoflex Authorized Distribuor Hose Shop. Our Stratoflex distributorship allows us direct access to the Stratoflex technical library and the drawings, blueprints, and specifications therein; as well as providing us with distributor level pricing for hose manufacturing materials and couplings. Our hose shop, much like our other product lines, is recognized for fast delivery and exceptional quality. Our hose shop team can typically manufacture hoses and ship them the day after receipt of order. We also manufacture a number of hose kits, many to customer specification. The hose kitting process allows our customers to manage standard replacement hoses under a single part number, thus reducing the administrative cost and burden associated with long lists of hoses which are frequently ordered. We have the ability to cross reference most OEM part numbers and are able to mark the hose identification tag with both the OEM and Stratoflex part numbers when requested.