23 +1 316.943.6100 | turbinerotables.com PRODUCT LINE | ELECTRONICS ELECTRONICS AeTR has developed a specialized expertise in the repair of rotating/oscillating beacons. These mechanical lighting products have a number of internal wear components for which AeTR has developed cost effective solutions. The cost of replacement/repair parts associated with this family of products escalated significantly as new technologies began to displace the mechanical rotating/oscillating beacon. Our solutions have enabled these products to continue in service, and perform years beyond their expected design life. ROTATING BEACONS AeTR has been repairing and servicing emergency power supplies for many years. As we expand our selection of specialized harnesses, test boxes, and troubleshooting equipment; we continue to grow our market share in this product line. Unlike many shops which do an initial functional test and then replace the battery pack, AeTR does a full evaluation and replaces batteries and/or controllers only when necessary. Our repair to reconditioning ratio remains well below comparable shop averages. At AeTR we understand the balance of time and money and recognize that troubleshooting by replacing parts can be an expensive solution for our customers. EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLIES