14 AEROSPACE TURBINE ROTABLES, INC. Mechanical & Electro-Mechanical AeTR has worked diligently to develop MRO programs for Mechanical Landing Gear Actuators. Currently, AeTR holds more than 25 replacement part approvals associated with the Beechcraft retract actuator line. AeTR’s efforts on this product line have resulted in increased reliability and reduced cost for this actuator, and have transformed customer expectations in the marketplace. This program embodies solutions which are easily transferrable to other similar component programs. LANDING GEAR RETRACT ACTUATORS AeTR’s flap actuator shop specializes in the Beechcraft family of mechanical actuators, but also works on a variety of others. AeTR’s robust engineering capabilities have developed a product line which is very efficient and cost effective for the operator to maintain. FLAP ACTUATORS AeTR works on control surface trim actuators of many types and origins. Our trim actuator shop specializes in mechanical actuators which are gear, chain, or cable driven. Many repairs and repair parts have been developed by AeTR in order to mitigate the cost and delays commonly associated with new part replacement on the mechanical trim actuators used on aging airframes. TRIM TAB ACTUATORS